18 May 2018

5th Euregional Maastricht Symposium on Immune Compromised Traveller

On Friday May 18th the 5th Euregional Maastricht Symposium on Immune Compromised Traveller 2018 (5th EUMICT 2018) will take place in Maastricht.

Studies in the region

Theme of this 5th symposium is 'Studies in the region'. Medical counseling for travellers with an altered immunity is challenging, because data and evidence based guidelines for this growing population are (very) limited or lacking. In general guidelines for the immunocompetent traveller are followed, but great uncertainties about protective immunisation, adverse events, reactivation of underlying disease and other preventive measures remain.

Meeting the great need for a regular update concerning this subject, we organise this biennial symposium since 2009. Because data on immune compromised traveller are limited the scope of the EUMICT is now extended to immunisation in the immune compromised host, since findings in this group can be extrapolated to the traveller. The previous symposia have been evaluated very well by the participants.

For whom?

The target audience for the 5th EUMICT 2018 is medical doctors, medical specialists, advanced nurse practisioners and other certified prescribers of medicines managing and counseling immune compromised patients in the EU-region of Maastricht, being The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg, but of course professionals outside this region are also more than welcome.


We aim to give state of the art insights on several medical aspects concerning the immune compromised traveller, thus improving knowledge and subsequently safe travelling for this population. Also we aim to facilitate networking and cooperation in this field of research.

More information and registration

The program and the online registration form can be found on the website of EUMICT. Please note that the symposium is limited to hundred participants and allocation of participation is in order of receipt of payment. The registration fee is € 100,--. You may also like to join the pre-symposium dinner (€ 35,--) and/or the the post-symposium reception (€ 10,--). Be aware that registration is only for prescribers of medicines i.e. medical doctors and accredited specialized nurses. In case of cancellation of registration on or after 18 April 2018 no fee will be refunded.