25-27 maart 2020

30th Genetics Retreat - NVHG graduate meeting

Genetics RetreatThe 30th edition of the Genetics Retreat - NVHG graduate meeting at the Augustinian abbey of Rolduc in Kerkrade will be a three-day event on 25 & 26-27 March 2020. The annual Rolduc meeting offers a unique and exclusive podium to PhD students and currently covers a broad range of scientific aspects, from genetic screens and variant discovery, to fundamental mechanistic exploration and experimental (epi)genetics.

Genetics Retreat - NVHG graduate meeting: 26 and 27 March 2020

The Genetics Retreat programme features two distinguished top-speakers: Rianne Letschert and René Bernards. This year's programme features also a selection of PhD-presentations from various universities and institutes in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands and an interactive lecture on grant opportunities, specifically for young scientists. 

Pre-Retreat course 'Having fun with (gen)omics data': 25 March 2020

Medical conditions are often the combined outcome of multiple genetic and environmental factors. On the search for candidate gene(s), how does one make sense of multi-omics data to arrive at molecular mechanisms in disease?

It is important that the new generation of biomedical researchers have critical insight in the relation between analytical robustness and biological interpretation. The choice of appropriate methodology and awareness of compromises, shortcomings and pitfalls are at the focus of this Pre-Retreat course.

The one-day Pre-Retreat course features master classes by three distinguished top-speakers: Peter-Bram 't Hoen, Yang Li and Henrike Heyne and a keynote lecture by Musa Mhlanga all in the forefront of population genetics, multi-omics and bioinformatics.

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